Last month we visited New York to show our FW16 collection at Capsule. A great excuse to meet with our dear friend and architect Sofia Idoate, our Cueroandmør Woman of the month. 

Sofia is the living example of the perfect life balance, work hard but make sure to have fun along the way. We visited the meatpacking district with her. And after a day of laughter and some photos we got to ask her a bit about herself! Read the interview below!


- CM: Profession, background, anything you want to say about you?

- Sofía: Architect, passionate for turning any experience into a truly creative endeavor.

- CM: Favorite plan for a weekend in NYC?

- Sofía: That's a hard this city, there's always something going on. Starting off with the legendary brunch (some more boozy than others) the rest of the afternoon could include any -or all- of the following: losing myself along the pebbled streets of the west village; walking the heights along the Highline; hitting the cultural activity of the week (whether it's a new exhibition in a museum, the last show on broadway or a live music performance); or breathing fresher air in one of the many parks. As dinner -which undoubtedly means trying a different international cuisine- has to be burnt-off, i'd include dancing in a bar/club in the LES. And, of course, to end...who can resist a vintage, hidden speakeasy for the last cocktail of the night?

- CM: What inspires your design process?

- Sofía: Surrounding myself with beauty.

- CM: 3 favorite architects:

- Sofía:

- CM: Favorite Flower/Plant/Tree-fruit?

- Sofía: Hydrangeas to look at and the scent of the fig tree 

- CM: What are you looking for when you buy a new bag?

- Sofía: Quality and self-identification. It also has to be comfortable to carry while flattering to the outfit.

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